Hey, How are you All?

I am Doing Photography and Videography since a couple of years but have stepped out in Youtube recently.

I always keep on improving and making things better and easier to understand for people. I have proved myself in various field be it music, photography or any other, and also hoping the same for YouTube also. I always try to provide value to people.

As I have mentioned above, I am a professional Photographer and a Videographer. I have a lot of experience in this field. I have done a lot of projects in my past and also currently doing the same. I am specialized in Candid Shoot, Pre-wedding Shoot, Model Photoshoot, etc. I you want to make your special moments more memorable then you can also hire me at a very reasonable price. Also, for samples you can visit my Instagram Page, My Instagram handle is @shoaibakhtar588. There I have uploaded some of my work to showcase it to my potential audience.

Now when it comes to passion, I am not from the persons who settled for less i.e. I am not passionate about a single thing but there is large storage of things about which I am passionate about. I like Music, Food, Travelling out of which the thing that I am most passionate about is Photography and Videography. I am in Love with these two things. I am that much fond of these things that you can say photography flows in my veins along with blood.

And when it comes to eating, then yeah I am a foodie. I love to eat good food in Restaurants, Especially if the food is arranged by my friends (Just Kidding).

I am a food lover but I always try to avoid Junk food as much as possible as I also love my body. I am into gaming also.  I am a Hardworking person as you have noticed by my habit of going the gym, as according to most of the youngsters it is the most difficult task for them to Get up early in the morning and go to the gym.

I always remain motivated and tries the same for others also. I am not a professional motivational speaker but yeah, I always try to motivate people so they never give up and achieve something that they are dreaming of.

Adventures are a prominent part of my life. I love adventures in my life. I love to play games with life. I always love my bad time as I know that one day it will also be passed, and this is the only Good thing of Bad time that it also passes away.

Similar to adventures, music is also an undetectable part of my life. I spend most of the time listening to songs. You will often found a camera in my hands and earphones in my ear. Music helps me to concentrate on my subject and helps me to get a better shot. Music makes me relax. I prefer listening to music instead of taking a nap when I got tired. 10 mins of listening music are as same as 1 hour of sleep for me.

Last, if you are also a person like me who always skips the whole part in search of the valuable content then I am wrapping it up for you. I am a multi-tasking man who is always looking for a chance to learn new things and make things better and easy to understand for people. I believe in making people happy, smiling and self-motivated. I am also a fitness geek and a foodie at the same time.

 I am diehard fan of Photography and Videography. Also, I always strive for helping True Lovers. I love to read history, and yeah I am the odd one out in this case. Also, I love to be happy and make others happy.  I also hope the same for you.

The same philosophy that I believe in is Be Happy and also make others happy. Live happily and Let Others live happily. Bye Bye.